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bga rework stations

Ram Infotech has the infrastructure and sophisticated equipment to perform specialized services like BGA Rework. This is one of the specialized services offered for latest technology laptops, which is offered by a select few in India. Ram Infotech has the necessary high-tech equipment, trained man power and all the necessary capabilities to offer BGA Rework. Expertly trained professional perform this dedicated service through professional equipment, which is not very commonly available otherwise.

Advanced technology infused laptops need the refined skill and expertise of BGA Rework and its station. This professional paraphernalia is available at Ram Infotech to service the advanced motherboards with BGA IC like intel chipset, south and north bridge, nvidia, ati and vga ic. Problems related to high-tech laptops can be easily solved with the expertise and knowledge of technicians at Ram Infotech. We can handle the replacements, which vary from the traditional SMD ic. All brands of laptops, which need BGA Rework can be handled adeptly at Ram Infotech, laptop repair and service center.